Friday, 26 November 2010

9 Things on Thanksgiving

1. I am thankful for my family - you all continue to make me the person i am today - and i think that's a good thing (others may beg to differ but they can keep their thoughts to themselves!)
2. I am thankful for my friends – you accept the quirkiness that my family has instilled in me, and actually like it (or pretend to ;) )
3. I am thankful for my man - he is such a great friend a special person in many ways and to boot he's my husband - how lucky am i!
4. I am thankful for provision - my needs have been met
5. I am thankful for music and performing – opportunity twice this year!
6. I am thankful for food - baking, food blogs, and the discovery of Nigella Lawson (she is melodramatic in a fantastic way)
7. I am thankful for excercise, including zumba - (no i am still not certain which is left and which is right)
8. I am thankful for life
9. I am thankful that the world is a much smaller place in 2010 and I can share a piece of thanksgiving 7,000 + miles away from its birth place.



Wednesday, 17 November 2010

a state of action

This week is stirred by seizing the moments that are at hand. Grabbing them and not letting go.

Exhibit A. Mr. L and I have put in great effort to get out of bed by six thirty every day. This may sound normal but for us it is far from. We both like our sleep and historically despise the dawn hours. The early rise payoff has been fantastic. I get to work on time. He gets to work on time. I seize the day with a feeling of peaceful control over the hours in front of me. Bliss! (until that load of files mysteriously lands on my desk…)

Or B, tidying my house. Working 8-5 every day can take a toll on one’s organisation, cleanliness and state of mind. Computer screening for most of the day can leave me feeling sapped. In the midst of such chaos I found a great article on “How to clean your house in 20 minutes a day for 30 days”. I have yet to follow the plan 100%. However, I seize (there’s that word again) little opportunities every day to improve my well being by tidying and cleaning bits of my apartment. Over the long run everything stays organised. A happy home is a tidy home and that makes a very happy Lu! (Apparently my mother has been right all along…grr…mom if you are reading this you can give your self a big smug high five)

Or C: 1 hour average to watch television per nigh. I feel a bit ashamed to admit it but I waste a lot of time watching T.V. Again I think it’s the grim monster of pity that convinces me that I have the right to vege all night because of my oh-so-productive-work-life. Last night I watched two, ½ hour cooking programmes, one of which I thoroughly enjoyed featuring Nigella Lawson. She is soooooo melodramatic! (and her recipes look tasty and quick) Love it. The other, which will remain un-named, I will not repeat next Tuesday. I then turned off (did you see that, if not please re-read) the telly. I got up, walked away, and did something, which last night was surface clean the bedroom. Check, check and double check!
What I am saying here is I seem to be learning something about valuing the moments in front of me. The action involved is glorious.

Friday, 17 September 2010


Today’s Buzz started while watching 60 minutes on TV3. It featured a story about a man who has struggled with cancer since last October. This cancer patient sneakily, right under the nose of his wife, crafted an amazing video just to say “I love you” to her.

It was supremely beautiful. He even managed to get famous people, Actor Viggo Mortensen, and NZ Prime Minister, Hon John Key, to help out... I say "way to go!"

Rachel, the wife, got the opportunity to hear  "I love you" in a big way. The things is, her husband was simply reciprocating the “I love you” which Rachel had been giving over the last year through All of the care and support she offere dto her sick and ailing husband. 

Here is a snap shot of Lula’s thoughts while watching: “Life has an entire gamut of the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Everyone has highs and lows…everyone. Hmmm…”

No human is an island -- all of us actually have a massive need to know we are loved.  To know our hard work has been noticed. To know that who we are is genuine and special. All of us deal with problems and so often they are things that filter into our lives, without our control. 

Plain an simple: Sometimes we all just need to hear “I LOVE YOU” in a really BIG way.

~Lu Lesaro